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Trust elections are held every two years, with three members of the Trust retiring in rotation prior to each election. Retiring trustees are eligible to make themselves available for re-election.
The West Coast Electric Power Trust was formed in 1992 as a consequence of the passing of the Energy Companies Act 1992. The six Trustees hold the shares of Westpower Ltd and the associated companies on behalf of the electricity consumers of the West Coast.

Interests of consumers

While the Trustees have no direct input into the management of Westpower they are diligent in ensuring that the best interests of consumers are served. The Trustees appoint Directors to the Company and review in advance the company's proposed Statements of Corporate Intent.

The Trust works in harmony with the Directors to ensure that a secure and reliable supply of energy is delivered throughout the region at a price that is acceptable to the consumer.


Peter Ewen - Chairman

With some 20 years of hands-on local body governance experience within the region, Peter feels his understanding of the challenging issues facing the Coast has him well-placed to contribute positively to Westpower's visionary project and economic goals. As a long-standing elected representative on the West Coast Regional Council (six years Deputy Chairman), a past District Council community board member, along with successful historical project initiatives/management and being an accredited RMA Hearing Commissioner who has deliberated on a variety of consenting matters, this means that he has the knowledge and 'can do' background for the role. Peter regards Westpower with its successful subsidiaries, as one of the region's most progressive 'home-grown' success stories that commands a leading position economically and environmentally given the recent demise of others. It must continue investigating and promoting positive opportunities that will develop and maintain the likes of vital distribution infrastructure to enhance our prosperity and wellbeing. Greymouth born, with his wife Rose, they raised their four children at their family home in Rapahoe, where they have resided for many years.

Bryce Thomson - Deputy Chairman

Bryce has lived on the West Coast, in the Westland District his entire life. He has 37 years of experience in the Electricity Industry from 1969 to 2006 where for 28 years he was working within Westpower’s electricity network and a further 9 years self-employed. He continues to have a keen interest in the industry. He also has 23 years governance experience in roles, including 18 years in local government. Bryce supports further investigation of Hydro and other generation on the West Coast along with investment for maintenance and new network infrastructure to ensure all consumers have a reliable and continuous supply of electricity at an affordable rate.

Cosmin Cosma – Trustee

With over 20 years of experience in the electricity industry and working for Westpower, Cosmin has acquired great knowledge about the industry and Westpower's electricity distribution network. Currently, Cosmin is the Managing Director for iTrade.nz (an online marketplace for services) and prior to this he was working in different engineering and managerial roles for Westpower, including the Asset Manager and the Senior Electrical Engineer roles. Having a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), as well as being a member of Engineering New Zealand as a Charter Professional Engineer (CPEng) for more than 15 years, Cosmin has a very good understanding of both electrical engineering and business management. Cosmin is very proud of his achievements during all these years, and he would like to use his experience and knowledge to monitor, encourage and facilitate Westpower in meeting its objective of being a successful business by optimising the return on its assets and distributing the income benefits to the consumers of West Coast. In addition to this, Cosmin would also like to ensure that Westpower provides affordable and reliable electricity supply to all consumers on the West Coast.

Frances Keating - Trustee

I have worked in various roles in Westpower and ElectroNet, over a period of 30 years and experienced a lot of change throughout my time, including the reforms, establishment of the contracting arm, and the subsequent growth of Westpower and the subsidiary businesses. I was incredibly fortunate to work alongside some very talented people and strongly believe the company has a 'bright' future. I am passionate about our community owned company being highly successful, and in ensuring that interesting and exciting employment opportunities will be available for generations to come. Having West Coasters interests at heart is paramount to me. Being my first term as a Trustee I find this as an exciting challenge. I am here to listen, learn and contribute. I have sound business knowledge, and an extensive understanding of the company - both how it operates and what it stands for, thereby making sure that you our shareholders are best served.

Mark Lockington - Trustee

Through his many years of dairy industry experience on the West Coast Mark has a great understanding of the relevant needs of the West Coast and the unique challenges that face our rural communities. Born on the West Coast and proudly schooled in Reefton, Mark now resides in Hokitika with his wife, Maria, and their three children. Mark is actively involved in the West Coast business community and has also held a number of Trustee roles including Development West Coast and the West Coast Community Trust. These roles together with a NZCE (New Zealand certificate in engineering) - Civil and Structural, a BCM (majoring in Accounting and Finance) and being awarded a Fellow of Chartered Accountants in 2019, means that Mark brings a variety of knowledge to the table. Mark is fervently proud of being a West Coaster and believes that having an affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity supply to all on the West Coast for future generations is important.

Greg Topp - Trustee

Greg’s entire career has been involved in the electrical industry in some form. Firstly starting as an apprentice with the West Coast Electric Power Board in 1974 and then with Westpower in the later years. Both as an electrician and a solo area serviceman in the glacier region. In 1993 he and his wife Donna set up their own contracting business in Reefton. They then expanded the business to incorporate a retail outlet and employed a staff of five. Greg is a believer in supporting community initiatives and a fervent supporter of the West Coast and it’s people. At this stage of his career he would like to be able to contribute and to give back to the industry which has been supportive of himself.

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